812S EEPROM -> Sony Corporation

two weeks ago I RMA my 812S…, today I received my “new” 812S and when I read the EEPROM I can see “SONY. CORPORATION”:

What means??
:confused: :confused: :confused:

that string is always there…

so, does that mean that sony-engineers make the rom?

No… “STT” me thinks…heh he.
And the eeprom data is definitively by Lite-On engineers. :wink:

Well…, I flashed with US0N O/P Auto-bitsetting and Flash fix…, the burner works OK with great Kprobe scans…, so I will forget the “issue”…, I will think that I have a burner with “rare” EEPROM. :slight_smile:

Nah, they’re all like that.

If you look at the CDRINFO stripdown shots of the drives, the boards always say SONY.

I thought Liteon built drives that Sony rebranded - is it the other way round?
Or is it now that they are so connected - eg. the SOHW bit of the drive code is Sony Optical Half-height Writer, and “JLMS” - JVC Liteon Mediatek Sony (I think) - that there is really no distinction between Liteon and their primary rebrander.

Also explains why Sony’s apparent dislike of the multicolour LED use, has left Liteon users irritated by the use of Green for everything - what were they thinking of - Red is burning, Red is danger, Red is “don’t do anything stupid like defragmenting the HD NOW” - Perhaps it should RED when burning DL … mess up now and you’ll waste a blank that costs more than you’ve paid in a long time!


JLMS = JVC and LiteOn IT Manufacturing & Sales Limited