812S Dying - 6 to 8X-DL Replacement?



Well my Liteon 812S seems to be dying.
Lately I’ve been getting some failures to verify with Nero on Maxell DVD -R’s, so I flashed back from CG5G to US0Q but that didn’t help. Last night it choked reading my WinXP CD while doing a scratch install. The same CD was read fine by my Hitachi DVD reader.

I haven’t been paying attention to DVD burners lately so I need some advice. I’ve had good luck with a few Lite-On’s but the 812S didn’t last that long so I’ve been looking at the NEC ND-3540A. I’ve seen both good and bad comments on this drive.

Any advice is appreciated, I guess I’m mostly looking for a reasonably priced DVD burner that will do at least 6X on +R DL media. Burn quality with a wide variety of media would be most important.



My 812S started dying too – I bought an NEC ND3540 last week. A lot of people like the BenQ DW1640, I think its considered the new quality king.


best bet is to look on the forums and read the reviews of the burners, you have a vast choice, most popular are liteon/Sony, Nec and the Benq, which all do good jobs, a good choice also is the LG which i found to be very reliable :iagree: