[812S]CRC error, DVD unreadable

I just bought a Lite-on 812S and I’m having problems with it.
First, I made a DVD with my MP3s. That DVD failed (CRC error), Windows crashed when reading it. I read that this could be caused by corrupt MP3s. So I deleted the corrupt ones and it wrote the DVD fine.
Then, I burnt a backup of my programs, that worked fine too.
Now, I have a great number of PDF and CHM files to burn to a DVD. It’s possible that there are some faulty files in between here too. So I burnt them, got CRC error again. Burnt them on other media, DVD was unreadable (Windows didn’t “see” the DVD when it was in the drive). Then, I burnt the same files on several CDs, and that worked perfectly.

Do you think the drive is faulty? I tested several types of media (TDK DVD-R, Nashua DVD-RW, and the DVDs that came with the drive), upgraded the firmware, tested it at several lower speeds…

Please help me :slight_smile:

Hi, what program did u use to write the dvds and was it the same program u used to write the cds?



Used Nero and Sonic MyDVD for either of them.

Post a scan of the disc…