812S can't write at 4x, average is ~ 1.8

I’m a noob so please be patient with me.
My LiteOn DVDRW SOHW 812S with US0Q firmware will not burn at 4x.

I have used RitekG04 and RICOHJPN11 4x media, burnt with DVD Decrypter.
After burning the log says average write rate is about 1.8x with a max of usually about 2.8-3.1

KProbe says the burst rate is 26.55 MB/S.
I don’t know what else to check, please post if you have any suggestions.

I think the read speed is slow as well, how can I check this.
I am running XP on a 633mhz Celeron processor and I’m pretty sure DMA is enabled. Do I need a 80 conductor IDE cable to achieve 4x write speed?

Thanks alot guys!

I’m pretty sure DMA is enabled

You need to be 100% sure about DMA, what does device manager say about it? Check all drives, not just the burner. Look under the IDE controller entry.

Thanks for the reply. I just confirmed Ultra DMA Mode 2 is set on the controller, any other ideas?

aspi layer should be 4.6 and also remove any third party ide drivers (via or nforce)…

Where do I check ASPI layer?
No 3rd party IDE drivers installed.

Found Adaptec ASPI32.SYS v4.71

get killaspi and forceaspi from links in the forums…do a search for killaspi
that will give you 4.6 aspi layers…4.71 is no good
alternatively do a search in google

OK, I’ll check it out.
Thanks again!

lol just came accross it while reading a similar problem

You should also make shure the source hard disk and the target burner are on different ide busses, virus scanner disabled at least on the source directory, standard microsoft atapi.sys driver for ide, UDMA enabled on both source and target drive.

All is well. I found out the hard drive that I was ripping to/burning from was set to PIO mode so I reinstalled the controller and DMA is now enabled for all
drives. Also I changed to ASPI layer v4.6 and am now ripping at an avg. read rate of 5.6x, burning at 4x. Only takes about 14 minutes.
Thanks alot guys, I never would have figured this out.

Now if I can just find some media that both of my standalone players will work with. Bought a 50 pack of Memorex DVD-R 4x and they work fine on
one Daewoo but freeze up about halfway into the movie on another Daewoo combo DVD/VHS.

Media vary alot nowdays, even with brands like memorex. If you are lucky you can find them as TAIYOYUDEN, but for most of the time there are bad CMC MAG´s and MBI.

Visit our Media forum and I´m sure you will get some ideas.
“Freezing” of picture when playing up movies on standalone is most certainly caused by bad media. :wink:

so if it was burning at 1.8x, how long did it take to actually write around 4.5GB worth of data onto the dvd-r?
at 4x it should take around 14-16min
at 2x it should take around 28-30min
so im assuming while it SAID it was burning at 4x but really burning at 1.8x it took around 35min?

Yes, it was taking about 30 minutes at an average write rate of ~1.8x.
It never said it was burning at 4x, I was just using 4x media and had my burning software set to MAX write speed so I didn’t understand why it would never burn at 4x.
Not sure if it was due to not having DMA enabled on the source hard disk or the newer ASPI layer 4.71 or both of these things but it rips and burns like a champ now!