812s burning problems

Guess I’ll try to do a short summary of my burning history. Got an 812 with US0J and upgraded to US0N before burning. Did my first 7 burns perfectly fine (Lite-On 4xDVD-R and 8xDVD+R that came with it plus a 5 pack of Memorex 2xDVD-R I had laying around). I then bought a 50 pack of Memorex 4x DVD+R (CMC MAGF01 apparantly). I burned 2 of them no problem…all of a sudden I got a few in a row that wouldn’t be recognized by anything so I couldn’t burn to them. Went through the spindle and found that 38 of them couldn’t be recognized, so I e-malied Memorex and apparantly they’re sending me replacements. I then decided to upgrad my burner to an 832s using the VS04 and running it through omnipatch to get all the bells and whistles. To my suprise when I did this the media was all of a sudden recognized. But to my disappointment anytime I try to burn…they seem to coaster around 65% complete. I’ve noticed that the buffer on the drive seems to drop below 50% then just hangs there. I get no errors or anything, just stops burning. Started a burn and went to bed, next day it had been going for 12 hours just stuck at 63%. I then went back to the US0N drivers but the discs are no longer recognized. I currently tried VS08 and it did the same thing at 64% complete. I have tried 3 different movies, so it’s not the files. I gave two of the discs to my friend who was using an 851 and they worked fine for him. I’m going to give the VS08 a shot without running it through omni and see if it has any luck…if not then I guess it’s RMA time. Any suggestions would be great…sorry for the book here.

EDIT: I’m like 99% sure I will RMA the drive tomorrow, but would like to hear back on this anyway to see if it was something I did that can be avoided on my new drive…thanks.

Have you tried a different burn program or upgrading the one you have to the latest version. Are you using old NForce drivers? Do you have ASPI installed?

Haven’t tried any other burn program…I’m using Nero, might be one more current. Don’t have nForce, running a P4 3.2 on an Intel board. I would sure hope I have ASPI installed…I remember that was an issue back when I got my CD Burner three years ago, got a servo error on that I believe. I did RMA the drive today so this is probably a dead issue. Mainly wanted to know if there was some known issue with the drive/media/firmware I was using. Chances are it was a lemon drive. Thanks for the reply.


What media are you using? I felt compelled to send mine back untill I upgraded to the latest (US0N) firmware.

My Fujis run perfectly now thanks to the update. Previously coasters…

I don’t know if this will help anyone, but a friend of mine bought a 50 pack spindle of HP 4x DVD+R that had media code CMC MAGF01. We both have an 812S. He upgraded to stock US0N and couldn’t burn the lead-in on some of the discs, the rest he tried coastered. He gave me three to try out, one of which he tried to burn on, but Nero wouldn’t write to it. I tried in my 812S with US0N and was able to get a decent burn on the one he couldn’t get to burn at all. Played fine in my DVD player, KProbe scan wasn’t great, but readable.

I then upgraded to VS08 (832S) and changed the write strategy with OmniPatcher 1.3.3, just to see. The next disc I burned (at 4x) turned out to have a beatiful KProbe scan, best one I have done so far.

My friend has yet to try VS08 on his to see if it helps, so we don’t know if it’s his drive or what. He just got his, so if he still can’t write to them after trying VS08, I think he’s going to RMA it.

For what it’s worth…

I would try to upgrade his firmware, I don’t think you can go wrong with doing so.