812S - Best firmware for Ridata/Ritek G05



I have the SOHW-812S with US0Q firmware right now, and there are some 8x Ritek/Ridata G05 disks on sale. Should I go for it, or run away like a plague?

I also read something about strategy switching, but is it worth the headache in finding the right/best firmware for these discs on the 812S?


you can upgrade your drive with a 832S firmware. just look here: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html#SOHW-832S


@ CDFreakian
Yea I saw that sale as well(I am assuming) and have been tempted on several occasions over the last week or so, but i have chosen not to, as they give inconsistent results with liteons(mine is 851@832) and I personally would rather stay with consistent stuff(R01) and miss this sale(and the headaches…I doubt I would get a 95+% success rate with the G05s) and hopefully R01’s will give the same rebate soon. In the big picture of [$/successful burn], R01 is hard to beat in my case.


I have also a 812S firm US0Q
I use verbatim MCC002 (+R4X) write at 4*
and verbatim MCC003 (+R8X) write at 4* at 6 or 8 a lot of erros.
verbatim -R 8X at 4X also.
If you write at 4 i suppose no problem with your ridata.


I myself bought a Liteon 812S writer,read the thread on the recommended dvdr’s for it is Maxell recommended for this writer or not and also is it upgrading to a 832S firmware as i just bought this writer on Friday and flashed with the official bios available.Need guidance…


i am increasingly confused from reading all the threads, some say Ritek/Ridata is good, but some say it’s not. I guess it totally depends on the firmware and write strategy too right?

Does someone with authority have a final word?


RiData make +R and -R discs. The +R discs are (mostly) RicohJPNR01/R02 codes and will burn well on ALL LIte-On firmwares and drives.

The -R discs are Ritek G04 and G05 codes.They can vary in quality, if you get a good batch, they will burn quite well on the L-O drives. IF they are bad… avoid at all costs!


i flashed my 812s to a sony 710 with the cg5g firmware. I’m getting excellent result


g05 ?