812S, another succes story

My 811S (actually a 411@811 Z-mod V4) has been serving me well for the last 10 months with more than 300 perfect burns. :wink:

Some weeks ago I purchased a SOHW-812S. Been burning more then 30 DVD+R´s sofar. All perfect burns.
(I also tested the 812@832 “upgrade” with equal burning result.
My thanks goes to c0deguys for the Omnipatcher and all other useful tools) :smiley:

Some setup specs;
Asus P4P800-E Del, P4-2.6@3.0, 512Mb PC-3200 Samsung, Maxtor SATA 120Gb, 350W PS…OS= XP sp1.
812S connected on Primary IDE, as primary (alone)

  • My latest media: Verbatim DVD+R DataLifePlus 1-4X compatible (MCC-002) Made in Taiwan.
  • My favorite media: Sony DVD+R 4X (RICOHJPNR01) Burns perfect @8X
  • Burning progr.: Sonic RN-DX 4.60 with pxengine507 and “832 patch”.
  • On discs: backups of movies ripped with DVDShrink (latest)

Some of the “secrets” to get good burns
i. Use only quality DVD media (DVD+R at best).
ii. Run a clean and healthy system (use system/registry cleaner if you experiment with diff. proggys and setup). Find chipsetdrivers suite your setup.
iii. Use the tools and firmware supplied by c0deguys!
iv. Reload eeprom (your own, virgin) if you experince “bad” burns.

*Before posting a problem in this forum, PLEASE READ C64k POST AT TOP OF PAGE!

Attaching two if my latest burns. The first is at 4X speed, the second at 8X (no strat swap).
Enjoy. :bigsmile:

That is impressive. I am using the MCC003 DVD+R 8x media from UL Tran and can only burn successfully at 4x

when and where was you 812 drive manufactured? and the mcc002 where was it made?
my 812s (made in china, in may 2004 iirc) makes very bad burns on mcc002 made in taiwan…

How do you determine country of manufacture ?

  • Drive: made in China april-04.
  • MCC-002: Verbatim DataLifePlus 4X certified (25pcs spindle), made in Taiwan

@ Hessian, hmm… I read on the paper wrapping/spindle.
And pls have a look in the “write strategy thread” for more info about your MCC-003. :cool:

pinto2 which firmware did you use
LiteOn SOHW-832S
• VS04/VS05/VS08 - stock - unscrambled (dhc014)
• VS0A - stock - unscrambled
• VS04 - patched - 451S@832S, 851S@832S
• VS08 - patched - 451S@832S, 851S@832S
• VS0A - patched - 451S@832S, 851S@832S

VS08 and VS0A I have tested… Same good results.

But first I run Omnipatcher on it… :cool: Read the info provided by the c0deguys.

BTW, right now I don´t need DL+9. Media still too expensive here in sweden (20 USD each :a )

On request…

I have been asked to post some scans of MCC-002 @8X done with older Kprobe (1.1.x) as well.
So here we go. First pic. Kprobe scan wit 8XECC (limit/max PO = 32). Second a DVD Speedtest same disc. And finally a “quality scan” with CD/DVD Speed 3.10.

Same burn/testsetup as above. Firmware Omni-patched (early 6/8X shift) :cool:

VS08 stock-unscrambled…

Done some more testing this evening. :wink:

  • First scan shows MCC-002 @8X. Omnipatched with fast-burn and fallback-to4 checked.
  • Second scan, same media. Only speedpatched with Omnipatcher.

NOTE. Scanned with “new” Kprobe 2.2.5 at 4X speed 8ECC sum.
(The PIF (PO) limit/max on this version of Kprobe is 32!)
Same setup as above. :cool: