812s and RITEKG03

Has anybody had problems writing RITEKG03 -R media on their 812s?

I had one of these disks left so I decided to burn it and be done with it. When I clicked the burn button, the app just sat there looking at the disk for quite some time and then finally said, “nope, ain’t gonna do it.” Both DVD Decrypter and RecordNow failed.

I tried with US0J, US0N, US0Q and an OP’ed US0Q. No luck, same error.

Ok, I thought the disk was just bad. But I took it to work and it burned just fine at 2.4x on my Phillips drive.

Wonder what will happen if I try to burn the RITEKG04 that came with the drive??

All my +R and +RW media work great (especially the RICOH). I am sure am glad I didn’t buy a bunch of -R media.