812S and Ritek 8x DVD-R G05

I have buyed a week ago a liteon 812s.
I would like to know if these discs are good or bad for my liteon 812s and if someone have tried ritek g05?
Thanks in advance for a reply

I think I remember seeing a post recently showing that 812S with US0N still had some issues with G05. But it seemed to do better than a slightly older firmware, so I guess they’re still in the process of working out G05 issues. Seems like FUJIFILM03 is a good choice of -R for the 812S. And in general, +R is preferred in LiteOn drives over -R.

Edit: Stay away from Ritek media. Their quality has been falling lately, and apparently, their G05 is not doing so well! This is something that I saw in the NEC forum…