812S and RICOHJPNR01

I couldn’t find this anywhere else in the forums, so…

I was just wondering why my KProbe scans start out high (200-400 PI), then drop down low (5-10 PI average). I am using TDK brand 4x DVD+R, burning at 8x. Here are a couple scans:

Awesome, thanks.

Regarding your high initial errors, could you try a burn on this firmware (use the US0N firmware found in the package) and let me know how it goes?

Awesome, it worked much better this time. Thanks code. :slight_smile:

if you right click on the graphs and choose to remove highest (i think scanning right now so i can’t check) you can get rid of the single sector spikes… the information on this board seems to indicate that the single sector spikes can be ignored as they do not normally exist

Ahhh, nice. Thanks cnlson. :slight_smile:

Latest scan:

@TechMex, typical scan speed is 4x for comparison with other scans on the fourm but that is a beautiful scan you have there…

Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks pchilson. :slight_smile:

Here’s my latest one, scanned at 4x:


I used a “Made in Taiwan” spindle bought from Costco in Canada for this burn. The disks identify as RicohJPNR01 4x DVD+R. The following burn was completed at 8x and scanned at 4x.