812S and RICOHJPNR01 every other burn fails

Hey all,

Just got my 812S and have been really happy with it, except that after switching to the USON Burn-adjust rev2 (I upgraded over rev1), it fails to write correctly on every other burn at 8X on the media in the thread title. This is extremely repeatable and annoying. Burning at 4X works perfectly every time. I’m about to test out a version using OmniFlasher that doesn’t do the aggressive shifts, b/c the discs fail to be readable at around the 500MB mark. I’ll upload a KProbe in a little bit.

Just wondering if there were any thoughts on this or if anyone else had experienced it.



Well, the aggressive-shifting isn’t for everyone. While it seems to work on many drives, there are some that it doesn’t work too well on. :sad: If you keep having these problems, then I would recommend that you try US0N without any of the aggressive shifting or “shift-fixing” patches. Good luck.

Update your IDE drivers, this tends to make a big difference if you have an Nvidia chipset motherboard. I’d also suggest trying a different spindle of different media if possible. I recently bought a bad batch of Ritek G04s, not a single disc in 10 works on my Divx player and that thing can read Princo and AN32 discs with 200pi averages. I have tried burning this package of G04s with a ton of different IDE drivers and different firmware revisions, nothing works.

P.S. This RICOHJPN01 I got at my local costco is the best media I have ever used. My averages are below 1.0.

Thanks for the replies. I just finished up one spindle (at 4x), so I’ll reflash and try at 8x again afterwards and let you guys know how it works out.

Oh, and on the media that it did burn to, the PI/PO numbers were fantastic.


Yeah, looks like it’s a no-go. The minute the drive steps up beyond 4x, the PI/PO numbers go crazy. Looks like 4x on this media for me.

Now that I think of it… could be a media batch problem. Here’s a dusty old thread…

I had the same kind of problem with that batch described above (thank goodness it was only 25 discs!)… if you look at the comparison scans with another Ricoh batch that I burned at the same time, you can see that it was a media problem. :sad: Fortunately, those discs can still burn okay at 4x, so they weren’t a total loss for me.

The second batch isn’t looking too much better, although at 4X they burn like champs. These are all Memorex’s that I bought about 2 days apart from the same store (Fry’s). I did notice some 8X media (also Memorex) sitting right next to them. Should I give those a try next time or is there some other brand I should maybe be on the lookout for?