I recently crossed flashed my 812s (usoq) to the 832s (vs0a) and when i burnt a dvd, the quality wasn’t as good. below are two dvds i burnt at 8x using the mxlrg03 with the riteks g04. Does anyone know why there is a quality difference between those two? I flashed my drive back to the 812s and still waiting to burn something and see if the quality is as good as it was suppose to be

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=103936 <---- the one with 812s

It may be the disc or it may be that Liteon has biased the firmware towards DVD+R. Scan the same disc with the 812S firmware and see what it is like. This will tell you if it is reading or writing that has changed. Try VS08. Personally I have better results with VS08 then I do with VS0A.

I’m currently scanning it and it seems to look like the other scan with the av. pi of 17…Should i try the vs08 or just stick with uson. I might try the vs08 to see if the quality is better than uson…which means i have to do some burns…

If you don’t need to burn DL media then stick with US0N…but it would be nice to know how VS08 compares. :wink: