812s --> 832s


I just have my own 812s, but i don’t know wich firmware i should use to upgrade to a 832s?
i know that i have to look at the following site
but do i have to use the one under the
LiteOn SOHW-812S
LiteOn SOHW-832S
and if so which patch do i have to use?

I’m a very nooby here, first time i will use it.


Download any SOHW-832S firmware and patch it to Enable Crossflashing yourself using OmniPatcher.

ok i did that and how can i test it, that it was a succes?

buy a Dual Layer DVD+R and burn it or maybe a DL DVD+RW would be a better go :stuck_out_tongue:

My 812S@832S DL tests didn’t go well at all. I ordered 4 DL discs from Sony ($9.99 each) to test with both my 812 and my ND-2500A@2510A. I ended up with four $9.99 coasters :sad: The Lite-On totally butchered the discs, all kinds of different color rings like it was burning at different speeds or something. The 2 discs burned on the NEC looked fine, but they don’t play on any of the DVD players in the house. Oddly enough when I did a DL copy of one of my DVDs a few months ago on my 2500A it was perfect; it plays on everything I’ve thrown it in and it has a good kprobe scan. I wonder if I just got a bad batch of DL discs…

Well, it is new technology. Early adopters are the people most likely to cop the fluctuations in quality :frowning: as manufacturers release very-alpha versions of their products :wink: