812s@832s with CG3E,first result on RITEKD01 DL,terrible!

This is my first result on burning a RITEKD01 DL disc (TRAXDATA brand) on a 812s@832s with f/w CG3E.
The scan looks horrible,but the disc is readable(and playable of course) on my home cinema DVD player without skipping.
Burned with read-write mode in DVDecrypter.
I think i’ll never buy again such discs.
Any suggestions on improving the quality???

I also attach a YUDEN0001T01 scan which is very good.

You can check the whole story in a previous thread:


This is typical of RITEKD01 and there’s certainly nothing wrong with your drive going by that TY01 burn.

About the only thing I can suggest is to try CY58. In the CY58 file on my site you’ll find a LED fixed Liteon ID version with this name:

Ok,i’ll load the:
and i’ll burn the last RITEKD01 i have.
Also in my previous thread you said:
“If you want your drive to default to -ROM you can use the OP “Auto bitsetting patch” patch, which will always restore the drive to -ROM after a system restart. You can still change it using the BookType tool, when this patch is applied.”
Since i do want the DVD-ROM booktype as default,may i load the “832S.CY58.patched-cf-liteonid-ledfix.exe” into OmniPatcher and tick the enable Auto BitSetting,and then apply the f/w?

Yes. Enable the Auto Bitsetting, save and then run the saved file…

Your DL scans look about the same as mine on that Ritek DL media. I just think it is crap media. I had much better luck with the Verbatim DL.

I burned the Ritek on both my BenQ and LiteOn with similar results. I burned the Verbatim only on the BenQ. If you look at some of my latest posts you can find the scans and the results – 2 perfect movies (Verbatim only) out of 6. Don’t know what happened with the 3rd Verbatim but it didn’t play right and none of the Ritek played right.

BTW, when I burned the Ritek on my LiteOn I used CG5E.