812S/832S Weird Reading using Nero Tools

Ive always thought I had weird readings on my 812S using some of Neros tools. Today I used Omnipatcher to take my 812S to the 832S. And have been messing around with the tools that come with nero.

Using Nero InfoTool it lists under General: Read 3x Write 4x. Dont remember what it said before but remember thinking something was funny about it.

Using Nero DriveSpeed under DVD Read Speed: It says 3x.

Isnt 3x a strange number or does it base it on the cd or dvd thats currently in there? Seems to me it would say 8x (being the highest number) since the drive is rated as an 8x burner (obviously the media changes that). But would still think it would list 8x or even 4x instead of 3x.

Any ideas?


Update sorry left this out.

When I put in a Standard Hollywood DVD from Paramont. I get different readings so maybe this isnt as weird as I thought.

First post with the 3x showing up with Nero Tools was Fujifilm (Ritek G03). Now when I put this DVD movie in I get using Nero InfoTool Read 8X Write 8X and using Nero DriveSpeed I get 12X.

Am I losing my mind or is something weird here?


The guy that wrote the NERO Info Tools knows about this problem, An example is: when you run the PI/PO test it reports 7x,7x,55x. Cancel and rerun once sometimes more than once and sooner or later the speeds correct them selfs,

Your not crazy…