812s@832s problem

I’ve got a problem after flashing my 812s US0N to 832s VS04.
The DVD combo of my notebook(Teac DW28E) and my DVD player were able to read DVD-R burnt from 812s. However, after flashing the drive to 832s, they were no longer able to read anything burnt from that LiteOn drive.
I’m using DVD-R media from Verbatim (media code: MCC 01RG20)

I would like to know if anyone experiences this before?
This is rather interesting as the DVD writer can read all discs burnt by itself.

So, upgrading sacrifices compatibility?


No, upgrading does not sacrifice compatibility.

But downgrading from US0N to VS04 does.

Despite the dates in the firmwares, US0N is currently the latest available LiteOn firmware. (VS04 has a newer date, but it looks like it was neverthless branched off from the development line quite a bit earlier than US0N).

So if you’re looking for the best single-layer firmware, US0N is still the ticket, not VS01 thru VS04.

Also, the 832S is pretty much just the 812S with added DL support, if you get a 812S firmware and a 832S firmware that were produced at the same time, their single-layer performance should be identical–the only difference is in the DL. (much like how 4x on similar 451S and 851S firmwares were identical, with the only diff being with 8x).

I got better results in Kprobe’s test with USON. I did 812S@832S (VS04) but I disliked the quality. Could I just return to US0N using the omnipatcher enableing the crossflashin task? Will I have 812S (USON) as it nothing happened?

What you need isn’t crossflashing, but FlashFixing. OmniPatcher currently does not support FlashFixing (hoping to change that soon)… so to go back to US0N, you’ll have to download the stock US0N from my website (it’s been pre-FlashFixed).