812s@832s - Need your advice on buying DVD-ROM



Hello people,
since its time to buy a new dvd rom i wanna know your opinions in the following brands:Sony,Teac,Samsung and LG(only these are available in my local computer shop).
I have the LITEON 812s@832s and i ONLY care that my new DVD rom will be able to play discs burned with LITEON.I ONLY use taiyo yuden discs with great burn results.
So feel free to suggest me one of the above.


I believe that all drives you mentioned could read fine your burned discs.
I would suggest the Sony.

As far as I know, Sony drives are LiteOn actually.
Sony 1612 is a rebadged LiteOn 166 (old, avoid it) and Sony 1613 is a LiteOn 167.

This means that you can get from Codeguys’ site a firmware that would increase a lot the reading speed of DVD R/RW/R DL/ROM DL.
The rest don’t have such a firmware.



I just bought SONY DDU1622 DVD-ROM.
Went very well reading first disc made with 812s@832s.
I’ll let you know after more tests i’ll make


DDU 1622? what firmware version is there on the drive?


SONY DDU1622 F/W AS72.
By the way havent found any info on the particular drive yet :confused: