812s@832s, Help for Downgrading firmwares



Can someone tell me the steps to follow and the tools to use in order to downgrade :
a)from the CG5G to any other CGxx firmware and
b)from CG5G to the latest official 832s f/w?
I have a 812s@832s and i want to “reset” my drive in order to
experiment with some discs with new media codes for me, in order to check the burning results.
I would appreciate a detailed info

  1. Backup EEPROM+FIRMWARE (Lite-On Flash)
    Goto my Firmware Page - Tools Section - includes instructions on how to use.
  2. Do an RLM (EEPROM Utility)
  3. Flash whichever firmware you want to use. (CGxx, VS0G)
    Goto my Firmware Page or http://codeworks.cdfreaks.com/firmwares.html