812s & 832s firmware bugs



Hi everybody!
I think I’ve discovered a bug in firmwares US0N and up, CG3E and CG4E.
What happened: I bought 2 printed DVD’s with data. Both of them refused to work on my 812s@832s (OS: WinXP sp2) with CG4E – but they work perfectly on some two years old LG (yuck!)! When I unrolled to CG3E and next to US0Q and so on - nothing changed. Everything become all right when I moved to US0F (!). So, I believe that such a problem may exists at least with new firmwares for 812s and 832s, and maybe for other drives which may be crossflashed to it.

More simptoma:
Sometimes drive managed to read session information (not every time!), Dvdinfo reported unknown field in ECB, and every time when I inserted that disks, drive struggles to read them, but useless :slight_smile:

And last thing: before ‘downgrade’ Dvdinfo reported different book and media type for one of disks (dvd-rw and dvd-rom correspondingly). After downgrade it reports dvd-rom for both. May be it’s a catch?

Bad quality of disks is not the case – after all, speed of reading was around 5.9x.

P.S.: I don’t sure about terminology, when I say ‘printed’ I mean ‘assembled serially, on aluminum’


Does ‘printed’ mean pressed, original, factory made instead of dvd burner burned ?
Does ‘data’ mean no video DVD ?


Yep. Exactly.

But it apply not to all disks - some works perfectly, some not.

It seems that same problem may exist for video dvd


It seems that same problem exists in Windows XP SP2 systems (sorry, I don’t have the URL on hand)!


I don’t shure, I can’t test this disks at the moment on other OS.
But question stays: WHY old firmware managed to work, but new totally refuses?
I can imagine that it is a problem of SP2 of WinXP, but I suppose that this stuff (WinXP) is somewhat more widespread than a firmware.