(812s@832s) CY58(fixed led) against CG3E looks worst,please C0deking help!

According to your suggestion in a previous thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=133519

i updated to CY58(the fixed led ones,enabled auto bitsetting in OP) from CG3E and i’m having worst results than before(especially at the end of the disc).
How shall i get back my good YUDEN000T01 results?(The only discs that i prefer for burning)
Please help me
The CG3E can be found here:
Below is the CY58

Sorry for the delay replying. I’ve been busy with the new OmniPatcher release.

That result surprises me. There are a couple of options. You can try resetting the learn using the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility v2[/thread] (make sure you backup your EEPROM first) or you can try returning to CG3B or CG3E. If you have an EEPROM backup you can restore that as well, after restoring the firmware.

I went from CY58 to CG5G just to check what YUDEN000T01 burns i’ll have.The result is amazing!!!
CG5G seems to be the best working f/w for this media code and i really want to thank you all for your efforts in providing to us such useful “tools”.