812S @ 832S burning CD coasters after CG5M upgrade



Here’s the situation. I have an 812s that I crossflashed to 832 sometime ago and have been using Code kings CGxx versions of firmware with great success with great CD/DVD burns.

Recently I upgraded to CG5M from CG5G on my 812s@832. After the upgrade I needed to burn some game cd’s and found that my 812s@832 would only burn coasters. Heres what I did to try and get my drive to burn usable CD’s.

  1. Reloaded CG5M after running it thru Omnipatch(new ver) and applied recommended tweaks. Tryed burning at different speeds, Reinstalled drive: Still unusable CD burns

  2. Reloaded CG5M straight without Omnipatch: Still unusable burns(spikes high errror rates and bad read spots

3.Reverted back and loaded CG5G: STILL unusable CD burns

  1. Reset learned media using EEprom utility: seemed to help a little but Still unusable burns

  2. Loaded CG5E reset learned media again and finally got pretty good burn. (pi50) (pif0)

During all this I used the exact same cd media I’ve been using since it was new from the same canister that has provided execellent burns in the past(no coasters)

The only other factor I can think of is that I recently rebuilt my System disk from scratch and I’m not using force ASPI 1.7 now. Im currently using Nero Aspi & Sys Aspi 4.71 and can burn execellent CD burns using my MSI CD burner on my secondary Ide. My 812s@832 is on primary as master. Thru all of this my MSI is burning great as always using same media and NERO. In the past my Liteon has been my mainstay.

Another thing I noticed is read quality seemed to go down. For instance if I burned a disc that came out as pi 450 pif2 as burned and scanned using NERO on my 812s@832 I would then run the same disc in my MSI CD drive and scan it again with nero scan and it would come out like pi77 pif0. Go figure? In the past the 832 was the best reader. Now it seems to be reading fine with the CG3E firmware.

None of it makes any sense to me. Im now back on CG3E firmware and for the most part things seem to be ok. I’ve never had a problem with any CGXX firmware.