812s/832s and "MCC 02RG20"

I ordered some ProdiscS03 DVD-R 4X and received, instead, some Misubishi Chemical MCC 02RG20 DVD-R 8X.
Has anyone had success burning these MCC 02RG20’s?
If so, using what firmware, what Strat swap & at what burn speed?
Any help/input would be appreciated.

That’s interesting. Prodisc seems to be manufacturing discs for MCC right now. A recent batch of MCC003 +R discs that I got bore a Prodisc serial number.

I’d give it a try using your current firmware. Chances are, it’ll burn just fine without any special measures.

The MCC02RG20 are the only DVD-Rs i have really trusted so far so they should burn without any problems like code mentioned above.

One thing about the 812/832S and this media code…it drops the speed back down to 6x near the end of the disc. To get around this problem I swapped the strat with MCC01RG20 and set it for 6x and 8x. In my experience it has burned quite well this way.

Well thanks to the above for your responses.
I tried burning the MCC02RG20 at 4X on my LiteOn 812S@832S, VSC4 firmware and got a “0” quality CDSpeed Disc Quality test. Large mountain of PI,PO errors at beginning, then flattening out. Yet the burned disc seem to play all right (did not play all the way through) and showed no read errors on DVDInfo Pro test. So???
When same media burned on my 2510, using HV2b5 firmware I got a disc quality score of 85 at 4X burn and 70 at 8X burn.
My old ProdiscS03’s burned much better than this (always in the 90’s for disc quality scores)
Clany & Two Degrees, what firmware with what tweaks are you using on your LiteOn’s to get good quality burns.
Thanks for your response

The current Firmware i use is VS0B without any tweaks( just in special cases fallback option when there were mountains in some cases. Thx to c0deguys for their great tools ) .
I posted a few weeks ago already some kprobe scans here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=86870
I noticed slight differences from firmware to newer firmware but the discs were all ok and even do work now.
I was worried at that time but one thing that happens to me with all DVD-R Media you never get the exact same result.
DVD+R is in my opinion not so inconsistent.
I use atm just MCC 003 and RICOHJPNR02.
With bitsetting i have no probs even with older Drives/players.