812s@832 CG3B Burns 16X MCC 004 at only 2.4X



Hi I just bought some Verbatim 16X Dvds (MCC 004) and when I try to burn with Nero the burn speeds wont show. Only 2.4X and its grayed out. I have been burning with other media at 4 and 8X. This is the first time I have bought 16X media. I just want to burn at 4, 6, or 8 speed. I have a Liteon 812s@832s using omnipatched firmware CG3B. What can I do to get on the right track.


open the firmware with omnipatcher again look for mcc 004 and put 8x cuz the 832s can only do 8x max


Thanks! Just used MEDIASPEEDEDIT tool. And it worked.


What kind of burns did you get with MCC004 on your 812S@832? Whats your PI/PIF with MCC004.


Heres the scan