812 vs 1633

If you still remember me, i have a 812 that doesn’t write DVD+R media (all coasters).

i found a liteon 1633s at a very-very good price: is it better than the 812/832 series? i mean in media compatabilaty? what firmware is best for it? what media does it like? i’d probably use verbatim mcc or philips ricoh, and some verbatom dvd+rw.

if all goes ok, i’m receiving it on friday/saturday…

and this time, the very first thing i’m going to do is to backup firmware + eeprom. with my current 812, i burned few cdr’s, then the liteon media provided in the retail package, and i guess that this mis-calibrated the eeprom calibration data.

i’m also selling my 812 to a friend, at a price of a combo CD writer + dvd reader (he knows the problem), as it writes CD-R perfectly.

i would suggest, to flash your drive using the offical firmware. Burn 5+ dvds and rma it.

what about burning software that supports 1633s? alcohol released yesterday a new device patch supporting 1633s, but on nero website they don’t mention liteon’s 1633s in their supported recorders list, so is it supported or not ??

nero usually recognizes all drives, especially from liteon, traxdata, pioneer and yamaha.

I have the 1213s@1633s and Nero works fine and the drive is giving me better burns with RicohJPNR01’s then my offical 832s.

I love my 1213s@1633s.


Where? :slight_smile:

a small computer shop here in Italy…

Like mine too!!!