812 on -R quality and upgrade from 851



Does anybody know if an upgrade 851>812 has a chance to be possible now or in the future? Beside this, 812 behavior on -R media may be considered someway better than the one of 851?
(After about a dozen of -R coasters, I’m very tempted of swapping my 851 with another drive…maybe I should give Litey a second chance) :confused:


What Firmware are you using? I’ve read GS0H is goog for -R.


depends on what you want this kprobe scan of memorex dvd-R 8x media
cmc AE1 this my second 812s rma the first one because it had write problems

this drive does wonderful with 4x media. but at least on cmc 8x media its coaster city.

this scan does not pass dvdinfo pro crc test either gets red and white blocks at about 92% on.


My 851S is excellent on CMC and Verbatim DVD-R discs, constant PI avg of <6.


Post the FW you’re using, Plz.


i need to know 2 plz


AFAIK, Bhairav is using GS0H-BA-r2.

You could also try GSU1 (based on UYS1) if you’re really desperate.