812 has quit working

I have used an 812s for a couple of months now, without any problems.
Now it seems that if i stick a dvd in it all it will do is spin up very fast but not do anything. Explore won’t show the disk in the drive. The system slows down while its spinning like its searching for itself. I have a sony 500a and it continues to work fine. DVD43 recogizes it and other types of disks will work in it. The 812 just won’t see the disk.
I have tried everything i can think of, any comments would be appreciated.

What kind of disc? Have you tried other discs?

i have been using the same verbatim (MCC002) disks for a long time.
same problem in even getting it to play a dvd.
just doesn’t seem to like the player anymore.
with dvd43 running it just spins and spins never gets anywhere.

it gets better.
it has no problem seeing cds.
just dvds.
none will show up as being in the drive with any program i try-nero or explore.