812 cdrw prob

today i bought the 812 for 100.-.
he burns the verbatim 24x cdrw only with 16x.

i also updatet to the newest firmware.

anybody infos?

Download SmartBurn (link found in tools sticky).
Check max supported burn speed reported.
If it says 16x then:
Hope for a firmware upgrade soon or try different media.


The same here: Burns Verbatim CD-RW 24x only @16x. Smartburn reports an unknown media manufacturer, but speed limit @24x. I use LDW 812s with firmware us0a.

The same media could be burned @24x on my 811s. But to be honest, I do not care. 16x is fast enough for me.

when i disable smartburn in nero he burns with 24x!!
but the quali is not so good.
i hope there will be a firmwar eupdate soon.

but good results on 8x dvd+r!!

Yeah, you are right. It works @24x when I disable the Smartburn option in Nero. The quality is also fine. I just made a Nero CD Speed quality test and the result was 100.

However, there must be a reason why Smartburn limits the speed to 16x. Maybe the reason is that I burned the CD-RWs with my LDW-811s before. Maybe NEW CD-RWs of the same type would work @24x from the beginning on.

Furthermore, there are some DVD+RWs which I burned on my 811s and then tried to erase and burn them on my 812s. The burning process is successful but there are unrecoverable read errors on the disc. When I use a brand new disc of the same type (same brand, same media code, same batch), there is no problem at all - even after intense use (several times erasing, reburning).

So I guess you get the best results when you use brand new Rewritables on this drive.

does the booktype tool works by your burner?

No, it does not work - even not with us0a.

I flashed 851s firmware GS0C (needs to be cracked) on my 812s and bitsetting works flawlessly.

the 851 firm works on the 812??

It’s really not the best idea in the world imo. But yes, it’s possible I guess.
LiteOn should have a firmware out soon that will support bit setting on the 812S.

The 851s firmware works flawlessly on the 812s. It only needs to be cracked. For people who really need bitsetting, it’s a good alternative.