812 burns coasters at 8x

I cannot burn a playable disc at 8x… kprobe and nero cd-speed thinks the disc is BLANK (so can’t do PI/PIF scan) and you can actually SEE the defects on the disc surface.

I have tried the stock 812 and 832 firmwares and I have tried the Codeguys 832 and the Codeguys Sony 700A (that’s the one that’s currently loaded). Media is MAXELL002 DVD+R which burns flawlessly at 4x using any of these firmwares, but at 8x makes a coaster every time.

Has anyone experienced something remotely similar? I don’t get it… this media is available anywhere and the drive is known to like it!

Here is the same media burned at 4x. I don’t know why there is a mountain of PIF’s at the end, but the disc plays perfectly.