812@832S bad burns with G05

812@832S VS08

I have tried several strategies but still no hope with my Ridisc 8x
Ridisc(G05) 8x disc burnt at 4x with the G04 strat - this is the best strat so far. PI Max=415 av=58.29 / PIF Max=209 Av=1.81
Datawrite Yellow (v2) G04(comes up as G05 - anyone know why?) burnt at 4x with G04 strat. PI Max=422 av=10.07 / PIF Max=209 Av=0.13
have also tried using GSC003, MXL RG03 and TYG02 strats but no luck
I have 50+ costers now!
These disks burn perfect on my sony u10a@500a 2.1

I think you’re unlucky w/your drive or media.
Here’s my scan w/812@832 VS08 @8x

I think it may be just a bad batch of disc’s. I had these disc’s before and had no problem.
Anyway, I’ve just of some Datawrite Red (v3) - alot of people say they’re crap, but they work fine on my stand alone DVD players.