812@832 vs real 832 - simularities and diffirences

Has anyone actually placed as 812 and 832 side by side and compared them? Is the difference just the firmware or are there other differences eg. with the hardware components, chipsets, laser etc?

Are Lite-on maybe using higher spec components for the 832 as for the 812?

How does the burns compare on the same media or are there no real difference is quality of the burns?

Thanks for a magic forum - I have been following the posts the last 9 months and learnt a huge amount :bow:

I have a 812 but because of a lack of variety in my country, I have been using MCC -R(Verbatim) discs with good results (not great) but learnt my lesson with cheap media like Princo - bought 2 boxes and none were within the 280 and 30 limits :a