812@832 shocking burns



Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
(apart from uploading crap quality screen caps )

812@832 VS0G


Nice to see your 812 is still-up-n’-kicking… :wink:

Out of your post it’s hard to impossible to give any advice. QS with CD/DVD Speed at 8x with a Litey? What’s wrong with KProbe ( at 4x speed) you used 15 months back.
Please provide more informtion about; media brand, burn speed, burn time, burn application and basic information of your H/W.

But to start with I would suggest you burning at lower speed and backup/ reset eeprom ie. learned media. Read here.


Ok, here’s the kprobe of the same disc. kprobe was giving me crap on my old system, so I didn’t install it when I upgraded, and Nero was just what I had at hand.

Media is TDK +R x8 white tops.
Burnt at x8 with DVD Decrypter, took about 9 minuters from memory, I wasn’t paying attention.

My hardware, AMD64 3000+, 1gig ram

And I did a media reset before I did this burn.


That CMC media is not that good. I would go back to US0Q and reset the learning code with Omnipatcher and try again. I often found that the 832 firmware was worse on the 812. If you aren’t using DL media there is no benefit.


I may give that a go. I was trying some stragety swaps overnight and had better results.

VS0G E01 -> R01 burnt at 8x gave a PI over 20 right at the end of the burn.
I’ll up a scan when I get home from work tonight.

Things are looking up, but I think different media is definately the go.
But with limited funds, I only have limited media available.

How does this drive like 8x Ritek’s ( +R & -R )?
That is easily available near me.


I never found any of my media choices that were good on this drive. If I only had this drive I would probably go with a very high quality +R or with TYG01.

Verbatim +R is good and the TY can be purchased here:


try different f/w’s


not sure if my advice is any good but anywayzs. Try using cg5g firmawre, and once you have reset eeprom (make a backup first) and try do another burn


VS0G burn at 4x
Scanned the morning after the burn.


Looks decent enough, about the same as my 812@832. But I prefer sony dvd+ and cg5g fw