812@832 - LiteOn Bitsetting-Tool doesn't work




I’m a complete Newby regarding burning DVDs and I didn’t find any other users with this problem so far:

In My System there is a Plextor PX-W4824A CD-Writer and since today a Sony DW-U18A which I have crossflashed to 832 with the CG5G-Firmware.
Now, the LiteOn Tool Booktype V. 1.3.5 comes up with the error-message:
Unsupported Drive Detectet!
Drive Detectet but is not supported by this program!

And also the LiteOn Tool SmartBurn V. 3110 doesn’t show any drives.

in Nero I can adjust the Booktype only if I use the CG5G-SonyID-Firmware!

BTW, ASPI-Layer 4.71.2 is Installed.

Just thought, some more information would be good :wink:
OS: Win XP Pro SP1
MoBo: Asus A7N8X-E Dlx

Just installed Kprobe.
It displays the drive-Names only with spi-driver.
With ASPI it says only 2-0-0-0, 2-0-1-0 and 5-0-0-0 (the bus-IDs I think)



uninstall the nvidia ide drivers :wink:
also aspi v4.60 would be better, get it here: http://rapidshare.de/files/3117643/Adaptec_ASPI_v4.60-s3m.rar.html



that fixed the problem.

I changed to the NVidia-IDE-Drivers, as it was said, the from V. 2.5 on, they are (finally) bug-free…
Seems to be a wrong information…



I’ve been using nVidia’s drivers for as long as I’ve had my motherboard and Smartburn (and the booktype tool) used to work. At some point, the nVidia driver “broke” these functions but I don’t know when.

Any suggestions as to a “good” nVidia version that works ?? I’m hesitant to roll all the way back to XP’s built-in drivers… But if I have to, I might.



Alternatively, you could use DVD Decrypter’s bitsetting function–that seems to be able to work even when the LiteOn tools fail.


reading this forum, I downgraded to the original Nvidia IDE drivers from the Nforce CD, and now am able set the book type on both 411s and 1633 liteon drives. but have noticed that since upgrading the the BSOS firmware for the 1633s I have been unable to burn a good DVD-ROM that is playable on anything but a computer so I crossed flashed the 1633s to the 1653s with multi-color led and now, buring at 16x DVD +R media, (memorex and Verbatim), with no problems, and they play great with no stutturing. boy am I impressed. Who cares abou the warranty, was going to go out and buy a new drive, but this site has added more life and value to my existng drives. thanks to all. love the red lights


this is what I am using, the 5.10 drivers: pic included, (see sig for info on system I use this on)

using my 812s flashed to 832 with the 832S.CG5J.patched-cf.rar

fourth burn is barely better than the first, but is really good, try the nforce new version…

the Nero scan is from the first burn, shows fimware, etc…