812@832 cd rip speed problem




I have 2 lite-on drives, a 411@811 and an 812@832. The 812@832 far outperforms the 411@811 for burning (obviously), but when it comes to ripping cd’s to wave files, the 411@811 peforms about 2 - 3 times faster. The 832 is the master on the channel, dma is on for both drives, everything seems to work fine other than rip speed.

Any ideas?



Are both drives on the same IDE channel? If not is there anything else on the 832S’ channel? Have you tried the 832S on the IDE channel by itself?


Same IDE channel, 832S is Master. I haven’t tried removing the 811 from the channel to see what happens since I thought that if only the 832 was running, it wouldn’t matter. I’m at work so I can’t check it now, but to save time, is there anything else to check? Should I at least see the same ripping performance out of the 832 or should it be better?



If the 811S isn’t read speed patched then the 832S should be faster. If the 811S is read speed patched then they should be the same ;).


Well, thanks to you and your Code cohort, of course my 411@811 is speed patched!!! I patched it as much as I could before basically treating it like an overpriced cd burner since it pretty much ruins every dvd I try to burn. Great cd burner though!

The 812@832 is another story. Your firmware has never failed me on that one (especially with TY* and MC* dvd+r’s).

Thanks for the answers, I still can’t seem to make the 832 rip as fast, but there is really no issue I guess (besides my annoyance and curiosity) since I can still continue to use the 811.