811s Won't Burn...?

I have been battling with my 811s for some time now trying to get it to burn cd+r discs with no luck. It reads dvds and cd’s just fine, but when I put a blank TDK dvd+r disc in, the drive is all of the sudden identified as a cd-rom drive and it wont let me write to it. Before putting the blank media in it is identified as a dvd-rw.

I have searched many other threads and the only suggestion I found was that it might be conflicting with my liteon cdrw, but even after uninstalling the cdrw drive, the problem persists. I’ve tried several different firmwares and none seem to help the problem. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


A good start to solve a problem is to use the “search” button at top of page. :wink:

I´m at work now and can´t help stright away, but why not start a search like; “wont recognise dvd+r”. :cool:

If you’re using Win XP, delete the driver using device manager and then reboot the system or try changing the drive from master to slave, or slave to master.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ve searched quite a bit and haven’t dug up a solotion to my problem yet in the forums here.

I saw the driver deletion/reboot solution in another thread and tried that with no success. I also tried deleting the ata controller and rebooting, also with no luck. I’ve tried running the drive as a slave and as a master, again to no avail. Thanks again and please keep the suggestions coming. -H

Hi there,

(a) Just to start, read carefully this mega-thread (“Help my 812s can’t burn +R DVD”, starlife). It’s a recent, similar experience.

In the case of user ‘starlife’, he changed DVD-RW unit from motherboard IDE to PCI-based IDE-controller [luckily a good brand] and … voilá! a smile appeared in his face, pretty sure.

(b) Write a [big] note of your PC hardware configuration and drivers / software installed, specially all those things related to IDE devices, Mobo chipsets / drivers, ASPI, OS service packs, etc. “Nero Info Tool 2.27” is a small / free / good tool to start with. Ah!, and remove XP SP2, is a good start too, if you have it in your PC :wink:

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the tips guys…my previous system was a p4 2.4, 1 gig ram, ati 9500 pro, sb audigy, asus p4pe BP motherboard, liteon cdrw, win xp pro, and this damn 811s.

The interesting thing is that I just built a new sff rig with all new components and the 811s has the same exact problem in it. Its a a64 3500+, 1 gig ram, shuttle xpc case/mb, new xp install, new harddrives (seagate 200gig, and wd raptor 75gig), and using onboard sound.

I can’t imagine why the same problem would carry over unless the discs or the 811 itself are the issue as those are the only two components that have stayed the same. I know others have had luck with the TDK DVD+Rs so I’m thinking I just got a bad drive. Unfortuneately Ive had it for like 6 months so I don’t think even newegg (who has the best customer service around) would take it back. Let me know if you guys have any ideas…and thanks again. -H