811S strange DVD-R Speeds

Hello all !

I’ve just bought the 811. I’ve flashed it with DR8HS0E.
I’ve got lot of blank DVD-R (Memorex X2 & IOTA (brazilian thing) X2).

They rock @X2 in the Plextor 708 @ my office, but in my brand new 811s they only accept to be recorder @X1.

Even disabling smartburn (like classical CDBURNER), dont make the 811s burn @ X2.

Why ?

There may be two reasons for this.

1: They are actually 1X and thus works at 1X only (the Plextor do not support 1X speed and thus writes all 1X media at 2X). Check the packaging and see if they really states 2X certified.

2: They are not support in the firmware of the LDW-811S.

1/ Although on IOTA DVD-R there is no certification at all…(but ok X2 with Plex 708), On the Memorex Media there is a certification on the package : “1X-2X”. So Memorex is actually a 2X media

2/ I hope whith new firmware we will have new support for those type of medias.

Has anyone here tested on the 811S :

Ketta K4 Gen4 X4 DVD-R media ?
Datawrite Yellow Gen4 X4 DVD-R media ?

Thanxx for all your answers.

Ketta & datawrite yellow = princo = stay away.

With princo you never know, most of the time it’s crap but now and then you may be lucky and get a good batch. They should work at 4X in the Lite-On though, but as said it’s mor miss than hit with the quality of princo discs.

Just tested the two brands :

Datawrite Yellow G4 X4 DVD-R : OK X4
Ketta KA G4 X4 DVD-R : OK X2 (costers @ X4)

Bye the way Ketta K4 is Ritek dye, not princo. (Datawrite is princo)

I’ve got the HSOE F/W.

Do you have any idea why Ritek G04 dont work in my 811s ?