811S + RicohJPNR01 CRC errors

Okay, this is getting irritating. I’m using Imation 4X DVD+R discs on my 401S@811S, and I burned 4 DVDs on a friends’ PC yesterday. He has a P3-650 +VIA shitset and ATA100 cables. 811S was Sec-Master. 2 out of the 4 DVDs burned well on the drive, but the other 2 had 10-12% unreadable blocks on Nero CDSpeed (forgot to get KProbe along…). When I try playing back some of the recorded stuff, WMP hangs hard. Copying back to the HDD gives me CRC errors. WHat’s to blame here, the drive or the discs?
His HDs were fully defragged, and 7200 RPM Barracudas.

when i get crc errors it means disc for me. my 811 will spike errors sometimes on ricohjpnr01 media and it seems that 4x works better with those discs than 8x

Get rid of that crappy media I would say and get yourself some Ricoh or Taiyo Yuden media…(It’ll save you a lot of irritation :slight_smile: )

foxbat, his imations ARE ricoh .

Bhairav, I have a ‘special’ 811 and I was getting some crc errors on some ricohjpnr01 burned at 4x. I tried a batch of ricoh from a different brand (ricoh) and got no crcs this time. For me it was just the discs. Not all ricohs were created equally.

Cheers for the replies,guys.
@Foxbat, yeah,the Imations are Ricoh discs :slight_smile: . Another thing that cropped up is that the drive now refuses to recognise blank CD-R discs, burnt CD-RW discs (says they are empty when they have 430MB data on them, MCC 10X discs), and takes 2 minutes to recognise burnt CDs. I think I have a bum drive, and I’ll be returning it on Saturday.

Thanks for the help :wink: