811S Region Free - but OS says otherwise?



i used the liteon region free tool to make my drive region free (as opposed to R2) but when i pop a R1 disk in it says “cannot play unless you change the drives region. you have 1 change left”

Obviously i dont want to make my drive permanently R1.

is this the OS worrying unneccesarily - as in will it always say i have 1 change left?

Or is it not really region free? What do i do now?

System is:

Win XP SP2

Latest genuine firmware on 811s, flashed 2 weeks ago (HS0R)


Is there some software that can emulate R1 instead? Really concerned about making the drive region 1 permamnently!


there are three parts that have to be made region free.

  1. drive
  2. windows
  3. player software

your drive is region-free. so u have to make windows and the software region-free. you need a little program called DVD Genie, with it you can make all needed changes. you xcan also try DVDIdle Pro.