811S reads slow

I can’t get my 811S to read DVD’s in more then 6x. Burning goes fine in 8x though. It’s so slow that I ordered a LG 16x DVD-ROM today. But I still wonder if anyone else have this problem with his/hers 811S. I have newest Firmwire.

I have
Windows XP Pro Service Pack 1
Microsoft Standard IDE Drivers

Spec. of my computer can you read about in the signature.

401/411/811 will read DVD-R/+r @6X MAX, yes … :sad:


Reading: [401S, 411S, 811S]

DVD-ROM 12x , single layer ( 16200KB/sec ) maximum by CAV

DVD-ROM 8x , dual layer ( 10800KB/sec ) maximum by CAV

[B]DVD/R/RW 6x /B maximum by CAV

I use my Pioneer 106 when ripping DVDs. :slight_smile:

BTW, the booktype bitsetting tool may improve your ‘reading’ speed.


I find that the bitsetting dramatically (about 4 fold) increases my ripping speed in my rom drive. However, it seems as if the 811 reads disc type and not booktype and still maxes at 6x. Well, that’s how its been for me thus far (could even possibly be my usb case holding it back, but nonetheless, that’s my story).

Oh that why I got a very strange looking graph when check with Nero Speed on my 411@811. Liteon start reading at 2.6x then up to almost 5x and drop down to 0.89x and stay there. I believe I tested with DVD+R with book type setting to DVD-ROM.

Ohh so it can’t read a dual in more then 8x. Even though I haven’t been close to that speed neither.
Will look forward to my DVD-ROM. :slight_smile: