811S or 851S

About to buy a new drive.

Regarding upgradability/moddability: Which is better to buy the 811S or the 851S and why?

Your opinions are welcomed.

Neither one is upgradable. Both have the exact same capabilities.

851S only recently got it’s firmware upgrade for bitsetting,
811S already had that firmware for a longer time.

812S is next in the range of 401,411,811
(not of the range 451,851)

I regard moddability (‘upgradability’) as a capability as well. I suspect this is where the two drive’s really differ and I would like to know some insider opions on that. :smiley:


The 451S and 851S are just as modable as the 411S or 811S, actually you might be better off with a 451S as it already has the 8X eeprom calibration built in, 411S does not and requires a bit more tweaking to overclock than a 451S does. I also have heard that the 451S and 851S have better pick up heads.