811s no more

i got an email from liteon support saying that there will be no more firmwares for this model. Damn them for releasing a shitty dvd writer gosh. Me going for Pioneer 16x16 next

That will be one heck of a drive :slight_smile:

Not too surprising… the 0Q was a paltry release at best, and it looked like that LiteOn had just forgotten about the 01S/11S. Guess Rimmer66 was right after all. :wink:

BTW, out of curiosity, can you post a copy of that e-mail? I’d be interested in just what they had to say.

That’s bloody pathetic, the current firmware burns coasters on lots of media with newer media constantly hitting the market, the drive will become even more useless.

This will be the last Lite on drive i ever own.

Which is why I dumped the drive when I could… I took a loss, but not as big if I continued to own it…

I must say that my faith has been restored a little with my purchase of the 812S… Its a much better burner than the 811S could ever be…

I took Rimmer66’s side during that dispute because he was right, the 11S series was complete garbage rushed into the market just to have no support for it in the end… And if thats not enough, not even the CodeGods can make it any better besides a few tweaks…

If you have a 411/811 that mostly writes coaster then it’s worthless and you should send it back in for repair. I did that with my 411 after I’ve used for more than 100$ worth of media and still had’nt found any media that would work consistently.

They could’nt repair the drive and admitted (between the lines) that the 411s was not very compatible and they had gotten a lot of them back for repair. The 451s is what the 411s was supposed to be. So they swapped it to a 451s. This has been working great ever since. My faith to Liteon’s products have been restored.

Now, my 451s is patched as a 832s with auto-bitsetting and it works flawlessly :slight_smile:

Lite-on does make great products. It’s only the 401/411/811 series that is below their quality standard, IMO

Repair? Heck, send it back for an exchange to a 451S!!

Good thing I bought a new drive the other day to replace the 811s! I had a stack of new Memorex 8X certified media (-R, CMC) that I could NOT use at all with the 811s because the new media was not supported with the 811’s firmware as of Q.

My new drive was only about $90 and I had at least $50 worth of that media that I couldn’t use with the 811s and I couldn’t return it either, so right there it only cost me really $40 to pay for the new drive because I would have “lost” the $50 by having media that I couldn’t use with the 811s.

Could it be possible that the 811S also is a poor reader? I burned TYG01 discs with my new NEC 2500A and did a KProbe scan with the 811S but results are rather poor for that media…

Oh well. Just another reason to get a DL-compatible, I guess.

Just for my own info… is there any way to add new media to old firmware using the Omnipatcher? I’ve played around with Omni a bit but never actually used it on a firmware that I then loaded on a drive…

Well isn’t this a joyous thread for all us 811 owners :confused: :frowning: Thankfully I didn’t spend much, it’ll have to tide me over until DL media and drives become more prevalent and affordable.


You could always send it in for exchange to a 451S…

i big my 811 a goodbye and replaced it with a nec2500a for 49.99… not too bad but the 811 only cost me 51.99 :slight_smile:

sold the 811 and a 25pk of media for $20. good riddance.

I use my 811 only for testing burns now and I doubt I’ll Ever buy another LiteOn dvd burner again. I could never get two burns with the same quality with most media. It would write some OK at 4x, but even many of the ones that scanned good still had play problems. I also solved my headache with a NEC 2500. As soon as a good drive becomes available that is faster and can test I’ll dump this POS and the second one I bought thinking the first was just a lemon.
Only good thing is they were mostly 69 bucks at OfficeMax for the extra drives and one was my NEC :slight_smile:

I know, all of this non 811s support and a stack of 8X CMC DVD-R’s that will not work with the 811s (plus won’t ever be compatible with no more firmware updates for the 811s) prompted me to pickup a 812s while grocery shopping with my wife at W@l M@rt! Problem solved, but at $99.

What’s really nice too is that I love the 812s so far as it’s burning every type of media that I have thrown at it (plus at 8X speeds to) and produced the type of KPROBE scans that I could never get with the 811s. So at least the fact that the 812s is performing so well is helping to make up for the “sorry” 811s.

I[m glad that I didn’t get a NEC 2500 (I’m sure it’s a very capable drive) instead of the 812s because for some reason even though I’m not thrilled with the lifespan of my 811s (which is the very first Lite On product that I have ever owned) I still prefer Lite On for some reason over most other drive manufactures (probably because of the support from this forum!).

(by the way, the 812s thinks it is a “832s” <VS08>, hehe -dual layer is around the corner!)

This really is a bummer. I wish I’d at least gotten a good deal on my 811S. I paid something like $140 from Newegg just about 4 or 5 months ago (maybe even more like 3 or 4 months). At the time I was seeing the 4X version (411?) at Best Buy for around $150. So it felt like I got a decent deal.

Right after that I found this forum and folks were talking about 8X media not even being available from too many sources! Now 3 months later they’ve decided not to support this thing?!

Why don’t they just sent a technician to my house and put a bullet in it to be sure it really is dead?

I really feel like they should replace it with an 812 for free!

But for the price of these things I guess I will just quit my bitchin’ and plunk down the $70 for the 812. How nice for Lite-On that I’m so loyal. :frowning:

Any other recommendations for a replacement drive? It’s gonna be hard to beat the price of the 812…and there’s the dual layer thing going for it…

I’m most likely getting the NEC 2510A, but mainly because I can drive to Tiger Direct and buy it… it’s $79 after a rebate. It’s too bad the 811 was so sketchy… I have a whole stack of coasters burned with it. But, it’ll have a new life in my Linux box as a backup drive.

I’m in the same situation here. I paid around 125 for my 811S, thought it was a decent price. Now… I’m trying to sell it for at least 50 then maybe throw in 30 something bucks and get a 832S maybe. Don’t know. Can’t burn +R @ 8x only 4x or slower for better results, as well as -R @ 2x, sometimes 4x burns Ok, but as others have mentioned, it never produces the same result.

You just have to feed your 811S what it likes (much like any other burner). Mine loves CMC MAG R01’s and I got a whole bunch for extremely cheap. It’s had some of the best Kprobe scans I’ve seen. For paying $90 (last black friday/thanksgiving sales for a “411S”) for my first burner, I couldn’t be more happy. So for never producing the same result, I can’t say I’ve had that experience.

the 811s is junk, I gave mine away. My buddy gave it back to me (burned a bunch of costers) and bought an Nec 2500a. How do you get Liteon to trade drives, love to get a 451 to upgrade? :bigsmile: