811s new FW is comming ? HSTQ?

i found on the web a site where they say they have new FW called HSTQ, behind it stands OEM… what is on with it ???
i cant download it, the download page of this FW is down??
but i can remember that they had alwas FW before it was official released…

here der url



is oem firmware thats correct but is actaully between HSOE and HSOJ. sorry but its not new its old. there was post about it as far back as Jan 18th 2004


LiteON does not have any plans for a new firmware for 811S at least not short term. It’s likely that HSOP may be the last or possibly 1 new one and that will be it. LiteON is planning to release higher speed DVD writers towards Q4-2004.