811S lead-in freeze for CD writing

Mine is a 401@811, zebra v5-v6 mod, HS0Q firmware. Suddenly, can’t burn CDs anymore. Writing would freeze everytime at 6% completion, lead-in, and 98% buffer. Tried different media and same thing. Freezes at the exact same point. Am still able to write DVDs though.

What could be the problem? Thanks for any replies in advance.

can anybody enlighten me?

Not positive, but I believe that there is a separate laser for DVDs and CDs. Perhaps the CD laser isn’t working properly. I assume you’re using Nero. It seems to go up to 6% before it actually begins to write data. It’s probably failing trying to write the lead-in track.

yes am using nero and tried a simulation just now and still freezes at 6%. and forgot to mention am using an external firewire case.

i just updated to nero and still the same thing. can anybody help me??

My guess (it’s just that), is that you have a hardware problem with the writer. Most likely, something may have failed in the PUH. If the drive is still under warranty, I would suggest contacting Liteon.

Forget your warranty if you have flashed to 811S and patched your EEPROM. It’s not fair on Liteon to make a warranty claim after doing that.

That aside, if you can burn a DVD, it’s hard to believe it’s hardware though. Would have to be a very odd chipset fault. Have you tried burning at the slowest speed you can select. Have you tried a CDRW disc. Have you tried different burning software. Have you changed anything in your system like drivers or added any hardware recently…

C0de: I missed the fact that he had updated from 401 to 811. I agree with you that a warranty claim isn’t right. Sorry for suggesting that.

Quote from Zebra patch .nfo file;

…“Finally - if you break/hurt/mame/destroy/melt your drive in the process of your tweaking/OCing adventures,
The company gives the enthusiast community a great deal of pleasure! The least you can do is be honest and buy a new one if your adventures result in a nuked drive.”


that’s why i’m asking for your help. :slight_smile:

yes i can still burn DVDs. haven’t changed or added anything recently. just a firmware flash to HS0Q.

Try flashing back to your previous firmware, just in case it was that. When your system picked up the new drive name, it may not have install the driver properly…

just tried this. still the same thing.

strange that this would happen since i rarely burn CDs. i probably burn at a 30:1 ratio between DVD and CD.

Do you have a VIA or Nforce MB with proprietary IDE drivers? Seems that sometimes have problems (essentially on DMA mode). Try to deactivate or activate DMA mode and see if any difference

i’m using an external firewire case. DMA shouldn’t make a difference. thanks for your inputs.

It probably isn’t a problem with your firewire interface: DVD burning requires significantly more bandwidth than CD burning. What mode are you burning? DAO, TAO?

DAO. Will give TAO a shot.

i removed my drive from the external case and connected it to IDE and it burns CDs again. now that’s strange.

Good one. At least now you know the drives OK. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting us know.

Wonder if it’s the firewire interface or the drivers. Maybe other users of a firewire external enclosure can give you some help now…