811S. HS0P vs HS0E for -R media

I had written some disks DVD-R Verbatim DataLifePlus manifacured by Taiyo Yuden to the speed of 4x with the firmware HS0P and I have always had bad results at the end of the disk(PO values >40 and PI values >600). Then I have tried to burn the same disk with the firmware HS0E, that a lot of people hold the best for the disks -R and PO errors at the end are ok.

I can’t remember ever having a worse result after a firmware update that went well. There can be probs with a file dl that is not as it should be. I’ve run a Yammy and a LiteOn (three different RW’s plus a DVD-ROM) and using the manufacturer’s stuff was always best for results that were as good as I could expect. Prettynear perfect with good media. I haven’t burnt anything but TY in years. It’s worth whatever I pay.:bow: