811S (HS0E) CD read error @ 40 mins with KProbe

Since about a week I own a 811s which works fine except this:

As a test, I’ve run KProbe reading my burned CDRs. I read the complete disk. I see a huge peek of both C1 C2 errors at 40 minutes (please find the attached jpg).

  • When I read at lower speed, there is no (or a smaller) peek.
  • When I read the same disks in my HD165H DVD drive, all is fine. No problems at all.
  • This even happens with pressed CDs or CDRs burned with a different drive.
  • In KProbe, when I read from 30mins to 41 mins, I see a peek.
  • In KProbe, when I read from 38mins to 41 mins I see no peek at all.
  • DVDs don’t have this huge error peeks.

Unfortunatelly, I didn’t test this with the original firmware HS06.

Anyone having the same problem or do I just have a faulty drive? :confused:


This is typical of LiteOn dvd-drives and appears (AFAIK) on all of their shipping models, including the combo and dvd-rom drives as well.

Just scan at lower speeds to get results that are more accurate.

Yes in my opinion DVD-Drives/writers is useless for C1/C2 scanning, but they are fine for PI/PO scanning :wink:

Many thanks for the replies. Really appreciate that. Phew… I’m happy again :slight_smile:

As far as I tested with EAC, this doesn’t affect the audiograbbing, does it? The results I got were just fine.

Thanks again,