811s having serious problem writing CD's

firmware is HSOP, DVD writing is OK but I’m having trouble when writting Traxdata 52x CD’s at 40x speed. 5 of 10 cd’s is unreadable although nero reported successfull burning. It is not possible to read them because when it comes to the last 5 or 10% of the disc, it stops rotating and reports CRC error !?!?
Is it because of Traxdata media? I also tried no name media 52x media and with them nero reports error at 100% (lead out) when writing at 40x, most of them I managed to burn @24x, but one failed even at that speed!
I suppose that everything would be ok if I’m not burning 700MB on cd-s (because last 10% is unreadable). What could be the problem???

i have similiar result burning cdr as well,
tried Sony CDR (TaiyoYuden DX dye),
all end up coaster

but burning with Fujifilm cdr (TaiyoYuden DX dye) are ok, as well as TDK (Ritek TG)

my 811 is very picky on the media for cdr burning

i had trbl. with the “p” FW try going back to the “k” it works great for me i am using HP cdr’s,but the are id’s as cmc

also “H” works well

when i bought it, it was HSOK version and it gave me a trouble with those no-name 52x media, than I upgrade it to HSOP and see that nothing is changed. I’m not so suprised for that no-names, but up to now I was mostly using Traxdata so it is a little disappointment that I can’t write on them at 40x :frowning:

I’ve just logged a support issue with Sonic because creating a “Data CD” using RecordNow Dx dies at 98% and I have to re-boot the PC to recover and unlock the drive :a

Funnily enough the CD is readable on another PC and thus the CD writing process actually completed.

DLA formats the same CD-RW ok, no problem.

RecordNow V4.60
DLA V4.60u
811 Firmware: HSOP
Media: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Branded as Imation).

I had similar problems on traxdata audio cds. I changed the media and all was good after that - right now I’m using verb DLPs.