811S hates TY media?



Ever since I got this drive - a 401S -> 411S -> 811S, it’s never liked TY media. These discs are the Fuji labelled DVD+R 100 pack that Best Buy throws on sale now and then.

Amazingly, my stand alone DVD player can normally play these “okay” - occasional skipping, but viewable for the most part.

These were burned at 8X, and scanned back in the same drive. I’m about to try burning one at 4X and scanning it again, but any ideas on what’s going on? Did I just get a bad drive?


Should have mentioned… running HS0R, with the Recommended Media Tweaks applied in OmniPatcher, along with auto bitsetting and earlier shift. Read speeds cranked up. I’m going to re-flash without earlier shift and also return read speeds to defaults, hopefully it helps. I’m burning a disc at 8X on Sony branded media now as well, I’ll post a scan of it shortly.


try hs0q firmware an a learn reset. then create a data disc with nero cdvd speed and post back a quality scan. and you should scan @4x speed, that’s the forum stanard for comparison.


Thanks, I’ll try that in a minute. I’m trying a 4X burn on the TY media now, the 8X on the Sony failed with a write error :frowning:


gah… can’t get HS0Q from liteon’s page (link doesn’t work) or from rpc1 :confused:

Any other places?

A scan of the same disc at 4X turns up far more errors too.


Ah… I give up on this drive. Even the Sony disc I burned (SONY D11 as ID’d by cd-dvd speed, I’ll post the graph when it’s done) came out unreadable. This has lasted through multiple OS installs, multiple firmware loads, etc.

Newegg has the SOHW-1693S BK (which matches my case anyway) for $46.99 OEM or $47.99 retail with $4 shipping. Think I’ll go ahead and order one today. They have the 1653 and 1673 for the same price as well.


Here’s the Sony scan.


Might want to get a Benq or NEC or LG then…


you can try this

go back to HS0E firmware [omnipatched] reset learnt media
burn the disk on max 4X

i got simaler scans on ricoh media this helped me[for now]