811S giving horrible kprobe results with Ritek03s

Hi, new to the board so please be nice. Hope I’ve included all the info. needed to help troubleshoot the problem.

I bought the dvd+r ritek from newegg recently and I’ve burned a few discs but all of them are averaging over 1000. I have 2 movies and 4 data discs and all are over 1000 PI on kprobe.

Lite-on 811S, hsok f/w, I have successfully burned a few dvd+r with this burner before so I’m convinced that it’s not the hardware. I’m trying to see if the culprit is the media.

A couple of questions –

  1. Does it matter that I have 1000 PI for data files? Actually, they’re anime avi files that I’m not planning to play on a dvd player. Would it still effect playback and longevity of the files?

  2. Does it matter if my source files are from a drive other than the C: drive? My source files are from a slave drive.

  3. How should I connect up my dvd drive on my ide? I have my HD1 and HD2 on IDE1 and DVDR and CDROM on IDE2 respectively, does it matter?

  4. I was running a few programs in the background when I was burning the files, would that affect the quality of the burn?

  5. I ran kprobe on the source dvd and the max point was 121 with an avg. of about 53.

Anything else I should do to rule out to determine whether the media is the reason why I’m getting the horrible results?

Any help is much much appreciated!

I’ve done well with Riteg GO3 DVD-R, never tried DVD+Rs.
The DVD-R’s were sold as Fujis. I’m also using Q firmware, not burn swaps.
The burn isn’t perfect but it works well in my picky dvd player.

When i had my 411s it would give terrible reads of about 800 po with ricohjpnr01 but as soon as i replaced it with a 812s the same dvd`s read at about 2 po average,i get great results with the r03 with the 812s.I have burned from a slave drive with no problems and as long as you dont freeze up your computer while burning then you are ok.

Any suggestions what I can try? FW=HSOK

Again this was burning an ISO file on my c drive, the ISO file was burnt on nero at 2.4x speed, even though it 8x was possible.

The important thing is how do the dvds play on your dvd-rom?Do they run all the way thru without skipping or pausing,If they dont then i wouldn’t worry about the kprobe results because they may be a little misleading.

My 811 which was using HSG8 (oem firmware) gave awful results. PI’s approximately 100 all the way upto about 1/3 of the disc where it’d get CRC errors.

My new 812 writes them fine :slight_smile:

johnisme: Okay, I’ll give it a try tonight, and watch the whole movie through out and see if it skips. Would something like matrix revolutions be a good dvd to checkout? I figure something that has quick action would really tell me if the dvd is okay.

If it plays well, should I be worried about longevity? Would it work 3 yrs from now?

debro: by 812 do you mean a new drive? or new firmware?

812 is a new drive. I bought it about a week ago after my 811 broke for no apparent reason, or more to the point, recordnow DX was installed (& uninstalled after issue), and since then the drive hasn’t recognised any media, in another PC, even after being reflashed.

You can check readability either by doing a read speed scan with Kprobe, or check the files readability using a handy little share/freeware program called cdcheck.
You can even compare it to the source files on a HD :wink:

If you have an difficulty reading any files on the DVD, results can only get worse with age. The way I see it is most DVDR media on the market is currently what I would term “crap” and if it lasts 3 years, you can consider yourself lucky.

Media which is burnt badly in an 811 is usually either crap or marginal. The 811 is a good tester to see what medium is good, & what isn’t :wink:

Thanks - I’ll give cdcheck a try. Btw here’s the attachment –

Anyone have other suggestions what I can try?

Use the drive to bludgeon someone to death?
That scan is a right shocker :wink:

I didnt know the pif levels went that high.

UGH! Tell me it aint so … all 7 burns are giving values that high. So I try changing the firmware or this drive is dead? :frowning:

The media is crap. My 811 couldn’t burn it at all, and I suspect maybe why my drive died. The result was discs with unrecoverable CRC errors in 1/2 the files on the compilation.

A hint for you :wink:


I’m still reluctant to blame it on Recordnow DX.

Thanks debro … but I think that’s already apparent to many people … decent media = good burns. The problem is I have a stack of riteks that I’ve bought and I want to make sure I do everything I can to try and see if I can get some good burns out of them, as some other’s from this board has.

I’m not just going to say, oh it gave me a few bad discs so I’m going to toss the whole cake.

Hope there’s a couple more things to try if not, then I guess I lucked out and I gotta grab a better brand. :frowning:

My suggestion is to maybe swap with friend, the riteks :wink: for others, even if ya have to lose a little on the deal :frowning:
Just say they aren’t compatible with your particular burner :wink:

So long is they don’t have an 811, it won’t be a problem :wink:
The 812 cuts thru them like they are TY’s :wink: Even though the R03’s are crappy media. Same with the NEC’s, etc. I hate rebranding. grrrrr :a