811s for 69.99 AR

probably in wrong place but

officemax had pacific digital 8x burners for sale today 69 after rebate.

if you are going to buy one make sure you get one with a 4 as first digit in the serial those are the liteons 851/811

p as first digit in serial signifies a BTC

in addition if you go here you can print a $30 off 150 staples coupon that officemax will match and then you can get the $30 25 pack of memorex (usually ricohjpn01) along with the burner and the dvd’s will actually be free :slight_smile:

They also had some NEC 2500’s too, I got one of those. Serial was 41a etc. can be b,c too I’ve heard. They also have Kypermedia drives, depends on your luck. My stores also had BTC and a 851 that started with 42. My 811 has been a dud so I wanted to try a NEC.
They hadmany drives this time, Ibought early and went back today at 1 pm to get the diference and they still had big stacks of both types of drives.

from cdrlabs by way of [H]ard forum:

I/O Magic BDVDRW8D - SKU #20726840
Shrink wrapped box - Rebadged Optorite DD0401
Plain box - Rebadged BTC DRW1008IM

Pacific Digital U-30201 - SKU #20678401
Serial number starts with: 4813 = Lite-On 851 Black
Serial number starts with: 4823 = Lite-On 811 White
Serial number starts with: 43** = Lite-On 811
Serial number starts with: P ** = BTC DRW1008IM
Serial number starts with: 41D6H7432XX = NEC (ND-2500A)
(Thanks to CD Freaks for this list)

Khypermedia KDVRW8X - SKU #20730176
Rebadged CyberDrive DX082D
Rebadged BenQ DW800A


I got a PD today @ OM and the serial starts with number 4, but the rest are numbers and letter. Seems to be an NEC, which I have two of already, the NEC 1000 and NEC 1100. Both drives have been great and really realiable, too!

I have yet to open mine fearing it was the dreaded BTC, but now after reading another member getting the same serial# I might open and install Monday to see how it goes.

I may go back and try for the Lite-On later in the week for my secondary PC.

look at my post above, if it’s 41letter rtc it’s a 2500 :slight_smile: Mine burned 2 disks my 811 wont touch with very low erros at 6x.

Can lite-on 811 burn 4x +R disk at 8X?

Yes it can do many at 8x if you get a good one, there are also speed ripped firmwaresby Packman and others that unlock speeds for most plus media.

Picked up 2 tonight at two different OM. ser#4284xxxx and ser 4284xxxx were both 811S. Let hope these are better than the POS 411s that I got. First burn with Memorex 4x -> Ricoh’s at 4x on the 411 with FS0F fw using nero 6.0 yielded average PI=1013 and PO=105. (No I didn’t forget a decimal place, although I wish I could)

Considering these high errors the disk plays fine in my standalone players and no read error using an Optorite DD0401 and dvdinfopro.

Really wanted a NEC but no luck, the one OM had about 10 drives all 47xxx and 42xxxx.

If anyone reading this thread lives in thePortland Oregon metro area and wants a NEC 2500 cheap get over to the Gresham store today. As of 10 am they still had 5 boxes of PD drives in the back and they all had 41a serials which are 2500’s and some with a 10 which I have no clue what they might be.
They did not have any liteOn serials left and neither did the Mall 205 store. I wanted a 851 as I got the 2500 during last weeks sale.