811s firmware problems beyond HSOE?

I have an 811s firmware ver HSOE firmware running Nero 6313. System is an Athlon 64 3200 w/ 1g pc3500 ram on XP Pro and is quite stable.

I would like to have the bitsetting option enabled but cannot upgrade even to HSOK (or beyond) without the burner either burning coasters or defaulting to 2.4x (+R) and then having the write ultimately fail…HSOQ fails just as it writes the lead-in!

I either verbatim or maxell 4x media which both burn quite well with HSOE …even at 8x with excellent kprobe scans. Must say that after 100 or so burns with hsoe, I have never had a bad burn!
Ideas anyone?

I’d imagine that LiteOn will eventually release a newer firmware. They are just very busy atm with so many new drives being released. We’ll hold out hope I suppose (I have a 811S as well). An email to LiteOn support asking about a firmware update never hurts either.

I actually tried full flash to: Hsok, HSOP, and HSOQ which all had the same problem that particular 811s. I think it must have something to do with the hardware itself (NOTHING after HSOE worked and HSOE gave very nice scans).

Got tired of messing with the 811s and got a new toy…812s which is great with USON stock firmware . I will eventually get around to flashing it in to an 832 but for now, with the lack of media. I will keep it as an 812s w USON speedhacked and bitset firmware. JPRN r01 and MCC02 4x + media both are great at 8x! :bow:

I must admit …it is this forum and the Liteon utils that keep me coming back! The 812s became available here just as I was getting ready to order a NEC 2510 over the net!


Do you know where I can download the HS0E firmware ? My 811 drive originally came with it and I had few problems.

Can’t say the same since I upgraded to HS0Q.

Unfortunately, Lite-on took the HS0E files offline. I would like to downgrade my drive.

go here for HS0E: http://dhc014.rpc1.org/indexOEM.htm#L

Thanks, DVD_ADDICT .

This firmware allowed me to read a pressed disc, “Ulysse 31”, which it otherwise would not, with any later firmware.

This particular disc has a history of giving problems to various drives. I have never understood why and would like to find out what’s so special about it.

It is an R2 disc that I bought retail in France . When I got back to California, and tried to play it in my living room Panasonic DVD player (an RV60, European PAL model, also imported from France …), it also wouldn’t read - the disc just kept spinning. I shipped the disc back to France to my mother, who said she could read it fine in her player … I didn’t have any other DVD drive at the time, so I thought the disc was defective.

She returned the disc back to me and when I got a different DVD player in my living room. Now that I have computer DVD readers/burners, the disc had always read everywhere in every computer drive, except in the Lite-on 811s, with firmware later than HS0E …

your welcome and glad the disc can be read now. :slight_smile:

I always wondered why liteon (and some others) tries to make it impossible to flash back to older versions of firmware. if it were not for the people here and some utilities and bin files, lots of us would be stuck with problems that are caused by certain new firmware/drive combinations!