811S Firmware Bugs

I received a relayed email from a tech at Synnex Australia today, confirming a firmware bug with Liteon 811S.

He stated that it will be fixed in a new release by Liteon next week.

What bug?

could this hint another 411s release as well? :slight_smile:

My experience has been:

It won’t burn Princo (-R) , Ricoh media (-RW and +RW) and Mitsubishi (MCC01RG20) properly because it doesn’t read the MID correctly(???) Very flaky.

8X burns on +R no problems
2x burns on -R and -RW mostly no problems
2.4 Burns on +RW OK

I thought my drive was faulty, it was checked at distributors and returned to me. 2 days later I received the relayed email.

Don’t shoot me I’m only the messenger.

intresting cannt wait to see new firmware on liteon site. did u by any chance try ritek dvd-rs in it to see if they would burn faster than x4 because im sure ive seen 3 codes in the firmware that sugest it could be done with the HSTQ firmware altho i know theres no promice of this from liteon x8+r only. ritek g05 is marked in the firmware as x8 could be wrong tho :confused: